Spring Valley Results and RSVP needed for Prelims! Please read!

We came so close to pulling out another win against Spring Valley/Dad's Club!  Our swimmers competed against many year round swimmers so kudos to them for doing so well!  And less than 5 DQs--Amazing!!

We are ready for our final full league meet of Prelims/Finals!  Our swimmers are ready and will do great.  The only thing holding us back is everyone getting there!!  So please go and RSVP tonight so we can be ready and prepared this week to work with the kids.  Here is how it works:

All swimmers may enter a max of 3 individual and 2 relays; some will be in fewer events.  It depends how our numbers land.

As a team, we can enter unlimited swimmers in free, so EVERYONE can swim on Friday!

The other events are limited to 6 swimmers per age group, both girl and boy.  

We can enter THREE RELAYS per age group!  Which is great because if we have good numbers, everyone gets to swim in a relay.

Friday lasts from 8:00 to around 3/4:00.  It's a long day but our team always does so well!  The top 12 individuals of each race advance to Saturday Finals.  The top 6 relays of each race advance to Saturday Finals.

Finals!  Each team does a cheer, a parade, and a coaches' relay.  And then the Final Meet begins around 9:15 and all swimmers on Saturday receive medals for making it to the Championship Meet.

Our 2 losses have been purely because our numbers were lower than the other team, so PLEASE RSVP to come and help us finish strong!  We can do this!!


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